Low-cost Bromo tour package two days one night

One of the tourist attractions in Indonesia, precisely in the province of East Java, there is one of the cheap and much sought after destinations by local and national visitors. This natural tourism is very famous because it is indeed one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Is that?
Well, tour or Bromo tour. If you find out through the news on Television, the internet or social media, That it will appear and imagine about Bromo tourism, the craters, the fields, and the beauty of the sunrises. If you are planning to travel to Bromo, it is a good plan because besides being cheap you are also free to choose the package you want and complete the facilities and the cost is reasonable.

Suppose one of them is a Bromo tour package two days one night. Is it different from the midnight package? Certainly very different. Well, here we will explain about the Bromo tour package with a duration of 2 Days 1 night at a nominal or standard price. Because usually, Bromo opens tour or tourism promos on certain days, the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

  1. 750,000 / pax with a maximum amount of 5 pax
  2. 895,000 / pax with a maximum amount of 4 pax
  3. 1125,000 / pax with a maximum amount of 3 pax
  4. 1645,000 pax with only two pax.
  5. If the order is more than five pax, you must consult with Bromo to get the best price.
  6. The prices listed above are not included in the high season and other holidays, and for foreigners, there will be an additional fee of 300,000 / pax. Now, what are the costs listed above?
  7. Cars (various types)
  8. Jeep/hardtop
  9. Very professional drivers
  10. BBM
  11. Parking
  12. Snack and mineral water during the tour
  13. Tickets enter all Bromo destinations
  14. Homestay
  15. Eat 1x
  16. Kupluk Bromo
  17. Fee driver
  18. P3k
  19. Masks
  20. And insurance.
    Apart from those listed above, it means that it is not the responsibility of the fees you have paid through the Bromo tour package. For example, personal needs and rent for a Bromo horse.
  21. The information you need to know is: Clothing that is comfortable to use
  22. warm jacket
  23. Warm socks
  24. Personal medicine
  25. Camera and HP power bank
  26. Observe the rule of throwing garbage in its place.

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