Must read! to Mount Bromo Tour Packages

Will you travel with your family to Mount Bromo? Yep. Bromo with a million beauty that is there always makes a lot of people curious to visit it. The beautiful panorama of sunrise, Padang Savana, Bromo Crater and several other tourist attractions around the area of Mount Bromo which has its own beauty and uniqueness, making Bromo one of the most popular and visited tourist objects, both domestic and foreign tourists.

Now in this article, we will review a little about the best package for you and your family if you want to go to Mount Bromo. Next, this article will discuss about Mount Bromo Tour Packages.
The problem is to make it easier to navigate the winding route and always ensure safety and comfort. But on the other hand, cost factors are also sometimes burdensome for prospective travelers. So from that provided several Bromo tour packages with choices that each interesting to choose.

  1. Open trip bromo
    Bromo Open Trip is a suitable package choice if you do not have friends or groups with a small amount to travel to Bromo, Open Trip (Sharing Trip) is also a trip that is joined by other participants so they can save costs and get friends, family, or maybe a new couple.
  2. bromo midnight tour package
    This package is suitable for those of you who only have vacation time not too long because the Malang midnight Mount Bromo tour package only takes one day to enjoy the tour to Mount Bromo.
    But with this poor Bromo midnight tour package you can take a vacation to Mount Bromo to enjoy various tourist destinations in the Mount Bromo area such as the beautiful Sunrise scenery from the peak of Mount Bromo climb, Bromo Crater, Teletubbies Hill, Padang Savana, and Pasir Berbisik all can be reached and enjoyed in one trip.

Pick-up will start at 23.00-24.00 WIB either from Malang, Kota Batu, Surabaya according to your pick-up address in 3 areas of the city. Pickups can also be in public places such as stations/airports/ bus terminals or hotels where overnight guests will be taken to get to the park.

After you arrive at the Mount Bromo area, usually at Pos Tosari, you will then proceed by riding the Bromo 4wd Jeep to enjoy the beauty of Sunrise (Sunrise) and the beauty of Mount Bromo crater and beautiful tourist attractions around Mount Bromo such as Padang Savana, Teletubbies Hill , Pasir Berbisik and Bromo Crater.

For the price in this article will also be discussed, for the price problem, you only need to pay Rp. Just 300,000! Cheap isn’t it? Well, maybe that’s all that can be discussed this time, hopefully, useful for those of you who want to travel with family.

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